Enter the (Midwest) Strawberry

In my view, there are a few things the Midwest does better than any other geo-

area. Tomatoes. Green beans (except for maybe those fabulous, skinny little French haricot verts). Cantaloupe (ala Indiana). And strawberries.

So, while one of the major lines of exploration of this blog will be taking a single food item and learning to love it by understanding its essence, for now… today… in this moment, let’s just relish the deliciousness, the succulence of strawberries. A locally-grown, better yet, home-grown strawberry is so tender it dissolves in your mouth without the slightest effort. It has an electrifying natural sweetness that begins to dissipate when refrigerated for even a short time, thereby making it even more precious. Using words to describe the essence falls short. One must taste.

We’ll talk at length about its heritage, growth and use. But, for now, just imagine.

Yes, they just came from my garden, and they can come from yours.

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