Do New Yorkers Garden?

So, what better leverages interest in great quality food than a simple home garden, and where would you least expect to find it?

Gracefully sandwiched between beautiful Upper West Side co-ops is The Secret Garden.  Actually, it’s the West Side Community Garden.  Sweet, circular layers of perennials yield vestibules of sacred seating and, oh yes, vegetables!

Undaunted by the baggage handler gorillas who I discovered (when I went to snap the shutter release) had irreparably damaged my Canon lens, I gratefully defaulted to my friend, BlackBerry.

Everything I have in my home garden is here in raised beds…
young tomato plants, broccoli, onions, nasturtiums, spinach, kale, peppers, on and on.

The West Side Community Garden Web site,,  has an article on lasagna gardening (organic top soil, peat, compost, newspaper) which I used personally this year as an easy method to create and feed my home garden.  Simple deep-feeding without the physical agony (and microbial upheaval) of tilling the soil.

Home gardens, community gardens, CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) can exist in very little space with only a smidge of creativity and effort. Here’s how New York City residents do it (with style, of

Where can you garden?

West Side Community Garden, West 89th St, New York, NY

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