Week #4 of my International Culinary Center class in the City took me to Cookshop in Chelsea for lunch.  Staff at Hundred Acres recommended it.

It’s somewhat paradoxical in a city of the size and magnitude of New York that farm-to-table restaurants are so easy to locate.  At Cookshop, there is a dedication to sustainable growing practices, humanely raised animals and support for local farmers.  It’s a living web of well-orchestrated activity.  Small tables smartly aligned with just enough room to pass. Hostess, servers and staff deftly moving about, casting and receiving quick communication glances.  A serious casualness. Impressive.

An early afternoon lunch.  Pan-seared Merluza with wilted spinach, chili flakes, shallots and green olive tapenade.  A Cotes du Rhone rose.  Delectable.  There are exceptions to Linda’s Law about not eating a whole dessert by myself, and today was one of those exceptional days.  Lemon Bar: lemon sable, lemon chiffon, lemon mousse, pistachio emulsion, roasted pistachio ice cream.  I love the slightly salty complement of the rough-chopped nuts against the the ever-so-subtle sweetness of the ice cream.

Love the busy intimacy of the place.

Cookshop, 156 Tenth Ave, New York, NY 10011  212.924.4440

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