Maybe ten tables.  Plus six bar seats.  On the corner of Crosby and Prince.

Savoy is a staple farm-to-table restaurant in Soho that, in buying direct from producers, says it “can create delicious and memorable meals by sourcing the very best ingredients from farmers we know, and then augment those flavors with a straight-forward cooking style.”

I scooted in just before the 3:00 pm. lunch cut-off.  A beautiful little menu that lured me into a bit(e) of the unknown.  I started with a Charles Gonnet (savoie) 2010 chignin.  Shell-baked scallops with dill-oyster puree, braised burdock root and dulse. Ok, I’ll admit that this was my first taste of dulse, an edible alga of the North Atlantic that, apparently, has been harvested as a food source for thousands of years.  I’m a Midwesterner and, although I travel quite a bit, I’ve never seen dulse on a menu; so be it.  Dulse was tender, meaty and unexpectedly pleasing.

I, again, violated my not-more-than-one-bite-of-dessert rule by jumping on the chance to try the strawberry/blueberry sorbet.  I’m a pie lady (meaning I adore and love to bake pies); however, even the venue of pies doesn’t come close to showcasing the depth of berry flavor this sorbet does.  Simple elegance.

Off to my fifth food blogging class at the International Culinary Institute.  An appropriate send-off.

Savoy, 70 Prince St, New York, NY 10012  212.219.8570

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