The Show is Outside

Unless you’re inside a theater, the show is always outside in New York.

But the streetside watering holes in Manhattan are limitless, and a quick nosh at Thalia (50th St & 8th Ave) around the corner from our hotel in the theater district  didn’t disappoint for lunch.  Thalia: “seafood a specialty, particularly oysters.”  Grilled shrimp with pico de gallo and tomato/green pepper/onion dice, and lots of lime juice.  Succulent, tender, perfectly grilled.

I consumed every carbohydrate I was ever entitled to in my entire life in the seasoned fries with flash-fried tarragon.

On a different day, my friends, Patti, Cindy and I had the benefit of Thalia’s Lemon Drop Martinis and Cosmos.

The show is definitely outside, but it’s at least as much fun being a spectator.

Thalia, 828 8th Ave, New York, NY 10019  212.399.4444

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