Wildflower Cafe

If The Wildflower Cafe and Coffeehouse’s credo is as stated on its Web site, congratulations.

“Our goal is to serve the best food and drink we can while minimizing our imapct on the Earth and helping to generate a sustainable local food economy.”

“We encourage consumers to ask where their food came from, what occurred during its production and what purpose does it serve for our bodies.”

“We do serve the highest quality, most delicious food, handmade with love in our own kitchen, by our own chef who is also the owner.”

“While you’re here, pick a peach from the front yard, or maybe an heirloom tomato from the garden…”

One is very tempted to walk through the Wildflower kitchen on the way to or from one of the dining areas as the flow of the interior space is dictated by the configuration of a 100-year old home.  I suspect the owners would be OK with that.

My friend, Karen, and I were pretty confident we’d made an on-line reservation (I was certain I’d done it, actually); however, a perhaps, operator-oriented snafu caused the request to dissolve into the virtual domain.  Not to worry.  Staff found a Most Wonderful Spot for us, and sipping a French sauvignon blanc (’09 Blanchett Pouilly Fume, Loire, from a very nice wine list) melted any remaining trace of stress.  Many rare or small-batch micro-brews, by the way.  Some beers are designated as sustainable, organic or bio-dynamic.  To our surprise and wonderment, we were gifted with the Truffled Mushroom Fonduta for the misunderstanding.  Garlicky mushrooms, organic cream, salty feta, Ohio cheddar and Swiss, drizzled with lemon truffle oil, and served with crusty toasted bread.  Breads are wood-fired.

So, you can choose from the Small Plates fare (fresh sustainable fish sandwich, organic chicken club, grass-fed beef burgers, gourmet grilled cheese, Asian-style veggie noodles, daily quiche) which, in Female Baby Boomer lingo, means just the right amount.   Or the Large Plates entrees (organic Rasta chicken, grass-fed beef where cuts vary daily to utilize the entire animal, Zin bacon BBQd organic ribs and a daily pasta), which are kindly offered in lunch size between 11 am – 2 pm.  One of the specials, a portobello ravioli with spinach, was so wonderful as to be indescribable.  Sweet, crunchy little house salad (baby greens, shaved onion, heirloom tomato, purple trillium vinaigrette).

We thought, a. we were so done, and b. we were in heaven.  Aha!  Assumption b. was certainly correct; however, staff had one more surprise for us.  The never-ending birthday surprise.  Although Birthday had passed, the opportunity for someone to offer to help us celebrate had not.  Therein lay the dessert gift.  The season’s red jewel.  Luscious layers of genoise (sponge cake) with strawberry buttercream.

The Wildflower Cafe & Coffeehouse, 207 E Main St, Mason, OH 45040 513.492.7514 wildflowercoffee@yahoo.com

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