In My Kitchen

In my kitchen, efficiency reigns.

I’m the Queen of Small Space, and that’s by design.  The confluence of beautiful ingredients, great equipment and a little dexterity is how I’m accustomed to cooking, large spaces notwithstanding.  Friends who know me well understand the mindset.  One of these days, I’ll plan and build the Kitchen of All Kitchens; however, the efficiency scale that I’m wired with will have to work in the design.

Form follows function.  My cherry and wrought iron baker’s rack showcases raspberry-infused red wine vinegar, aged balsamic vinegar (nectar of the gods) and pinot grigio wine vinegar, in addition to olive, canola and hazelnut oils.  Form.  Function.

Dried oregano and rosemary from the garden adorn the walls en masse, so I have year-round access to that which I grow and am able to savor the scent and visual beauty of nature’s bounty.  Serving platters and beautiful Italian bowls serve as memoirs of trips taken, and have full functionality.  Wrought iron garden furniture and Italian oil cloth create a beautiful palette for an intimate dinner.  Form.  Function.

I love the creative challenge of finding multi-use function in small spaces using items of luxury and beauty.  Form.  Function.

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