Signs of Mushroom Life, Day 4

Day 4

I admit to spending a few days in Chicago this week and, comically, I had no Internet access.  Sounds like a weak excuse even as I type it.  Nonethesless, it’s true.  So I’m a day behind in mushroom block discovery.  The trade-off is that I have a new farm-to-table restaurant post coming up.

Isn’t the growth of a vegetable or fruit or plant the most mysterious thing? 

I’ve been lifting the plastic veil twice daily to spritz the inside of the tent with water, as directed.  Those little once-indiscernable surface eruptions on my mushroom block are blossoming into some sort of form and, in fact, a one could call the protrusions mushroom-like.

Isn’t life amazing?

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One Response to Signs of Mushroom Life, Day 4

  1. Billy Webb says:

    You are on schedule. Great job…

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