Heading for Home and Sliding into Foraging, Day 6

Day 6

Today’s article on chanterelles and the Creamy Wild Mushroom and Parsnip Soup recipe in the New York Times City Kitchen section is an obvious segue from our mushroom growing experiment into foraging, which is my next talking point.

So, here are the lovelies today.Firm, whimsical, almost Medusa-like in their bounty. 

I remember Billy saying that just noticing a beautiful, curved edge around the cap meant they’re ready to harvest.  I may wait until tomorrow to harvest to see what affect seven days actually has, but look at the fantasy in these mushrooms.

So the NYT City Kitchen column offered a chanterelle recipe today, Creamy Wild Mushroom and Parsnip Soup.  http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/09/dining/creamy-wild-mushroom-and-parsnip-soup-recipe.html?ref=dining  Mushrooms, particularly high-end cultivated or wild mushrooms are best showcased very simply and as the centerpiece of the dish.  Chanterelles are not cultivated; they grow in the wild in this region between the first of Jul and mid-Aug.  Nonetheless, they can occasionally appear in small quantities in farmers’ markets in other regions at other times into the fall.

The point here is that foraged mushrooms are glorious, and great fun to gather and use.  Billy Webb at the Sheltowee Mushroom Farm offers foraging classes tied to seasonal accessibility, and we’ll be documenting those adventures as the opportunities arise.

Remember to Facebook Friend Sheltowee Gourmet Mushrooms for the latest in foraging classes.

I have a fabulous holiday mini-mushroom-block event to promote Sheltowee Mushrooms.  It’s a great holiday gift idea for anyone who has even the slightest intellectual curiosity about growing mushrooms, and it’s inexpensive.

We’ll talk about it tomorrow.

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One Response to Heading for Home and Sliding into Foraging, Day 6

  1. Billy Webb says:

    Those were ready to harvest now! This is an excellent documentation of the events behind the Sheltowee Farm Shiitake Mushroom Block. Thank you so much.

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