Magic Mushrooms, Metaphorically Speaking

Day 7

Success.  This may appear to be the conclusion of the mushroom growing project; however, such is not the case.  The added bonus is that if I allow the block to rest with minor daily spritzing to keep it moist, I can grow another crop in two weeks using the same technique I’m now confident about.

In the Hyde Park market, shitake are $16/pound.  I now have a harvest of just under 1.5 pounds.  They’re very supple and tender, unusually so, and yet retain a firm quality when sauteed.  Actually, I’m told I may have another couple of harvests as the block continues to support the growth of new crops.  The numbers will diminish; however, I should expect to engage several 7-day re-growths with intermittent 2-week rests, over the course of 10 weeks.

So, the Sheltowee Mushroom Farm will offer miniature mushroom blocks at super-nominal prices that will be available in Dec for holiday gift-giving.  I plan to order several myself, and want to encourage others to do the same.

Right behind my making holiday donations to orgs of my gift-recipients’ choices in lieu of gift-giving, is my desire to promote the fun and education of growimg high quality food products at home.  This gift qualifies.  Follow me to Sheltowee on Facebook to place an order.

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One Response to Magic Mushrooms, Metaphorically Speaking

  1. Billy Webb says:

    Great job. I was taking my lunch break, now back to mushroom work. Multiply this adventure by 400 and add in Oyster Mushrooms and you get the 24/7/365 job of a mushroom farmer.

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