Breathe: A Farm-to-Table Event

A farm-to-table event that will occur today near Rochester, NY caught my eye this morning.  Interest piqued, I troweled under the surface to get a better understanding of the event and this org’s business model.  It was time well spent.

Breathe,,  in Pittsford, NY, near Rochester, was founded in 2002 as a yoga studio offering health products, a juice bar, acupuncture and spa treatments as the foundations of a healthy lifestyle.  In 2009, Breathe expanded into a full commercial teaching kitchen.  Local chefs, in addition to Breathe’s own chef Santino Cala and their registered dieticians, teach regular monthly classes using organic ingredients from local farmers.

Today’s FTT event supports the 2011 SEVA Challenge to support humanitarian efforts in Haiti.  The Global SEVA Challenge asks participants to raise significant funds in support of a select few orgs working to eradicate financial and health care crises in developing countries, and creating sustainable solutions for communities in crisis.

Breathe calls its food Slow Food Fast.  It’s made fresh throughout the day, and is available for takeout in their ready-to-go cooler for dinner that night or lunch the next day.

As I cruised their Web site, I recognized Breathe as one-stop shopping for the fundamentals of a healthy, vibrant and powerful life.  In an interview with the Brighton-Pittsford Post, owner Cyndi Weis states “I think that as a culture we’ve hit our maximum in terms of how busy we can get, how unthoughtful we can be, and how robotic we can move through our lives.  We’re kind of tapped out.  Its time to turn around and go back and check in.  And reconnect.”

The Breathe model seems exemplary in terms of how one’s vision, a passionate idea really, can create such broad-based benefit to its customers and to those it sees itself serving.

Breathe, 19 S Main St, Pittsford, NY 14534, 585.248.9070 (also two other locations)

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