Sip, Nibble, Schmooz: The Tour of Kitchens

Opportunity knocked over the weekend when I became aware of Junior League’s Tour of Kitchens.  It was a nifty smattering of seven residential kitchens in the Over-the-Rhine, and eastern Cincinnati city and northern Kentucky neighborhoods.

The kitchens were as varied as the locations.  I first went to Republic St in the OTR, a 2BR, 1500+SF loft in the Gateway Quarter.  The industrial flavor was made very livable by tall windows that effuse natural light.  Deep trim work and shadowbox framing around the windows added richness and warmth to the environment.  There was wide use of environmentally responsible materials, such as cork and bamboo flooring, quartz countertops and translucent paneling made from recycled plastic bottles.

We sipped wine and nibbled on delectable pot stickers and fried rice made on site by Susanna from the Oriental Wok.  Our hostess, the owner and food blog author Julie Niesen (Wine Me, Dine Me, made everyone comfortable in her home.  Great space, great food and a great time.

Next was an 8th floor condominium in The Ascent in Newport.  Sleek, stylized… the essence of elegant simplicity.  Also furnished with bamboo flooring and energy-saving tinting on the exterior windows, I came to the conclusion that if you buy the unit, the view is free.  Or, is it the other way around?

Personal chef, Carol Tallarigo, owner of Cooking InTuition, delighted us with eggplant parmesan appetizers that were just wonderful.  Reach Carol at

Is the view out your window a postcard?

More tomorrow.

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