The Tour Continues

Having recently had investment real estate buyers on Covington’s historic (and indescribably beautiful) Riverside Dr, I jumped at the chance to tour a Garrard St kitchen around the corner.

The home is the best possible synthesis of fluid, open, renovated space and the rich architectural history of the neighborhood.

The most fun was talking with Dave Taylor, chef at La Poste on Telford in the Clifton Gaslight.  And, actually, even better was his crab cake.  Dave says he “has a passion for original ingredients with special considerations for organic and sustainable farming practices.”

La Poste, 3410 Telford St, Cincinnati, OH 45220, 513.281.3663

The star of the kitchen tour was on Weebetook Lane off Grandin Rd in Hyde Park/E Walnut Hills.  A classic, simple palette of black and white was punctuated with voluptuous floral arrangements by John Hinger at Quince & Quinn on tables that danced with color.  The home overlooked the Kentucky marina and was beautifully stylized.  I hope the tour is expanded next year.  It was a great afternoon on a perfect fall day.  Would love to see cooking demonstrations with fresh, local, seasonal ingredients to encourage conversation and inquiry into the incredible bounty of the region.

Food for thought.

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One Response to The Tour Continues

  1. Debi says:

    Thanks for blogging about the kitchen tour, Linda. I am quite familiar with the Riverside Dr. / Garrard St. area and love seeing all of the kitchen pics.

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