Thanksgiving, Local-Italian Style

Here’s one more way that white stock gets pressed into service.  The foundation for that great little fresh red sauce is, of course, garlic and onion.  Its flavor is made deeper and more earthy by using white stock as a reducing agent after the vegetables are sweated off.  You can also use red wine.

Focaccia is one of the simplest yeast bread preparations.  The time commitment is really only tied to allowing the dough to rise (twice).  It is the container for innumerable garnishes, including herbs and vegetables of almost-infinite variety.  My preference with focaccia, as is my preference with most dishes, is to showcase one, or maybe two, flavors that complement the overall meal.  In this case, I chose rosemary.  I infused it into the warm olive oil that actually goes in the yeast dough, and used it again, rough-chopped with sea salt on top.  Super-simple, and a really wonderful winter bread.

Herbs and onions have been my preference to flavor meatballs for as long as I can remember.  These happen to be turkey meatballs and the meat is too mildly flavored in and of itself without some attention-getting flavors.  Subtle, tender, delicious.

Oh, yes, tangerine tart for dessert.

Felice Ringraziamento!  Hope your day was wonderful.

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2 Responses to Thanksgiving, Local-Italian Style

  1. Debi says:

    Love it! A total twist on turkey for Thanksgiving! Just talked to Ruby, Linda, who told me you brought over a wonderful spag and meatball dinner yesterday. She sounded delighted. I told her how much I am enjoying your blog. I think you are truly talented. So glad that Donna told me about it. I especially appreciate receiving the pieces in my e-mail inbox, making it very simple for me to enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving! Debi

  2. It was definitely an up-twist on the annual fare of the day. We all enjoyed it. Thanks for your comments!

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