Over-Wintered Vegetables

A very insightful article today on “over-wintered vegetables” in a medium called The Daily Page.  Quote: “A few greens can be found at the indoor winter farmers’ market — chard, kale, micro-greens, spinach — but little else save mushrooms, squash and root vegetables.”  (Essential Commentary:  I concur; however, this list sounds pretty good to me.)

The author then suggests storing [over-wintering] vegetables. Quote: “Root vegetables like carrots, beets, celeriac, rutabaga, kohlrabi, potatoes and sweet potatoes can be stored through the winter, as can winter squash and delicatas if it’s done properly.”  The article goes on to describe the care of vegetables over the winter, essentially maintaining a consistently cool, dark environment, or root-cellaring (if such a word exists).

The suggestions to maintain that bounty of your garden or those treasures you find in the winter markets are simple and worth implementing.  The reco’s are:

  • Clean and sort your veggies, removing any that show signs of rot, damage or disease.
  • Cure (!) vegetables.  This is a method of improving storability.
  • Recognize the optimum storage temperature of individual vegetables.
  • Group fruits and vegetables.

I like the idea of experimenting with the vegetables I’m buying at the winter markets to develop these techniques.  Perhaps, next year I’ll be more ambitious in over-wintering veggies from my own garden.

Check out a more complete description of the simple over-wintering techniques by clicking on this Daily Page link.

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