It’s Easy to Eat Well

When working in my home office in the late morning or mid-afternoon, I often forage for great food items already in the frig that I can quickly assemble into a delectable little morsel that bridges the gap between meals.  (The strategy is to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day.)

The warmth of rosemary is a wonderful complement to the natural sweetness of fresh fruit.  Tangerines are very sweet and readily available at this time of year, and I always have plain Greek yogurt, which has a depth of flavor and creaminess of texture all its own.

Instead of sugar, I reached for the brown rice syrup on my pantry shelf.  If you haven’t experienced the richness of this product as a white sugar alternative, it’s worth exploring.  Essentially, it’s an allergen-free alternative to other sweeteners, and contains no gluten for people who have chosen to remove it from their diets, or simply like using it as an alternative in dishes that can benefit from a different sweet-taste.  Simply stated, it’s brown rice cooked in filtered water that is then evaporated into an intense and utterly delicious golden-brown syrup.  Brown rice syrup can be substituted for literally any sweetening agent (sugar, honey, corn syrup, maple syrup or molasses) at the rate of about a 25% increase over the recommended measurement of the other product.  (The only disclaimer I’d add is that if you were baking bread or a dessert with a particularly fragile structure, you’d want to use sugar unless you tested brown rice syrup first.  No sweetening agent performs quite like sugar when baking.)

So, after peeling four tangerines and slicing them horizontally, just squeeze the juice and grate the zest of one whole lime on the fruit.  (We’re not worried about a few seeds.)  Add two tablespoons of brown rice syrup and heat gently to coat.  Place the coated tangerine slices in the frig to cool.  Serve over plain yogurt and season with oh-so-little fresh (slightly bruised in your hands to activate its flavor) rosemary.

It’s easy to eat well.

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