Four Seasons Supports Farm-to-Table

The Four Seasons Hotel and Resort’s use of farm-to-table fare in its restaurants elevates their guests’ dining experience to new levels.  Guests’ awareness of food ingredients’ origins continues to rise as hotel chefs continue to promote it.  I love it.

As reported on, Four Seasons chefs are forecasting food trends in 2012, among them that the farm-to-table movement is here to stay.  DMW: “Every one of the chefs polled cited the importance of continuing the movement for fresh, local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients. At Four Seasons, a worldwide emphasis for 2012 will be put on utilizing produce, meats, fish and other items found in and around properties’ home destinations.  (A prime example is the new Edge, Steak & Bar at Four Seasons Hotel Miami, which opened this past November. Executive Chef Aaron Brooks established key relationships with local fishermen to ensure the steakhouse menu is also filled with the seasons’ best line-caught local snapper and cobia, and of course stone crabs.) To allow these distinct ingredients to shine, chefs will also focus on less manipulation of fruits and vegetables and creating as many components of a dish in-house (ie. pastas and aged grass-fed beef). The approach, while it may seem “old-school,” will improve upon flavor and quality and preserve culinary crafts. “We are preserving old traditions for new generations,” – a poignant saying from the most tenured Executive Chef at Four Seasons, Brooke Vosika of Four Seasons Hotel Boston, who will celebrate his 30th anniversary next summer.”

So, while many of us may have the Four Seasons experience infrequently (myself included), the leadership the hotel and resort chain demonstrates in focusing on quality and away from nutritionally weak, mediocre ingredients is commendable.  So, two sides of the food spectrum (individual consumers/hotel restauranteurs) support the same end.

As awareness continues to rise, demand for quality increases.

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