Hail to the Chief (and the First Lady)

Politico’s “Local dining’s fresh options” post today gets right to the point:  eat any meal locally and well.

The post opens with reference to President and Mrs. Obama’s commitment to eating well and promoting organic agri: “In March 2009, the first lady started one of the largest vegetable gardens in  the history of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  Organic herbs and vegetables from the  garden have been served to White House guests.  Michelle Obama’s book, “American  Grown: How the White House Kitchen Garden Inspires Families, Schools, and  Communities,” will hit stores in April 2012.”

“In the spirit of the farm-to-table movement, POLITICO has rounded up some of  the D.C. region’s best restaurants that focus on sustainability and use products  from local farmers.”  The post goes on to name restaurants that range from diners (Silver Diner) to brunch (Firefly) to dinner (The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm), among others within a short radius of the White House.

Fortunately, it’s easy to scout FTT restaurants wherever I travel.  I’ll admit that even in Manhattan, I did have to search (and they were largely in Soho), but the small amount of research effort yielded a huge payoff in dining experience.  So, search!

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