Mothers Unite

We must be united in our memories of our mothers’ (universal) desire for us to eat our (green) vegetables.  Little did we know how right they were, how remarkable the nutrients, or how deeply beneficial the effects.

The flavor of raw ingredients is unmistakably changed and often enhanced when the product is cooked; however, raw flavors and textures have an appeal all their own, including the preservation of nutrition fundamental to the raw state.

Organic farms still have gorgeous greens.  I bought an outstanding salad mix from the Turner Farm this morning on my way home from the gym for a main dish salad this evening.  A few baby gold potatoes, steamed; the greens and potatoes ever-so-lightly dressed with a great quality balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing, and a few grates of the most fully flavored medium-hard domestic or imported cheese you can find.  Add a hunk of French baguette or an herbed bread.

Mother would approve.

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