The Capon Continuum

My last post eluded to “extra credit.”  That reference is simply a way of thinking about extending the best from already great ingredients and cooking.

That beautiful roasted capon was infused with lemon and onion and herbs; small golden potatoes and carrots benefitted from the compound butter that basted the bird.

So, next stage benefit is this.  After the initial meal, I removed the thighs, legs and wings for my son (good mom that I am).  I cut the breast meat off the carcass; I sautéed 1# of white button mushrooms; I made a roux with butter, flour, white stock (you knew we’d be talking about it again) and a spritz of cream; I boiled spaghetti.  The ‘piece de resistance’ is grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, stirred into the dish and sprinkled on top.  Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.  Finish with chopped fresh parsley.

I must rush.  I’m on my way out the door with my Chicken Tetrazzini.  A friend had surgery this week and came home today, so it’s dinner for her and her family, along with fabulous Turner Farm greens and a great loaf of European grain bread.  Be well, Friend!

I am having a simple pasta dish with olive oil, the (previously described) roasted veggies and a grating of fabulous cheese for dinner.

There’s yet another benefit on this continuum.  What could it be?

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One Response to The Capon Continuum

  1. andreabrady says:

    Hey, that’s me! And that *was* my chicken tetrazzini! Thank you again for the delicious meal, but most especially for the thought behind it. And to anyone reading this – the dish was even more wonderful than it looks here … 🙂

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