I Was Lost But Now I’m Found: Europa Bistro

Every time I cruise through the shops outside the Findlay Markethouse, I lament a hole in the fabric of the marketplace: Angelina’s Fine Italian Foods.

Through ‘food osmosis’ (a scientific melange of memory and imagination), I dream the dreams of encounters past when owner Nick Palmieri wove food and childhood experience tales into my purchases.  One recurring dream is of the most luscious Italian ricotta, the accessibility to which sadly faded when the store closed in 2010.  I have been despondant ever since.

The owner’s stories were enchanting.  With a fixed gaze, I listened when he talked of growing up around Lake Como, Italy, and going with his father to clean the marble in the house that would ultimately be the setting for the movie Oceans 12, and which George Clooney would subsequently purchase (and later offer for sale).

Nick was opening a restaurant in the MainStrasse called Europa Bistro & Cafe; however, it wasn’t until yesterday I had the opportunity to reconnect.  Chef Nicola came in especially to prepare breakfast for my group of Realtor-friends.

All that was lost was again found.  It was like coming home to, not only the former Angelina’s delectable Mediterranean entrees and desserts, but to the richness of Chef’s experience.  We were enchanted with the service, the stories and with a wonderful breakfast.

Be prepared to eat and enjoy.

Uova Alla Benedettina E Polpa Di Granchio $13.95 Saute’ed spinach, poached eggs and crab cakes on filone bread with crab cream sauce and parmesan; served with potatoes and caramelized onions.

Europa Bistro & Cafe, 616 Main St, Covington, KY 41011, 859.916.5511

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2 Responses to I Was Lost But Now I’m Found: Europa Bistro

  1. Gale Fulton says:

    A wonderful experience! I hunger for more. Highly recommend!

  2. Nancy Hagan says:

    So glad we could enjoy Europa together, Linda, and that it satisfied a special hunger for you!

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