Caramel Commitment Continues

The Essential Garden kitchen is now awash in caramels.

Whatever semblance of a home kitchen was in place prior to the announcement seven days ago of Caramel Commitment has now been displaced with cream, corn syrup, sugar, vanilla, saucepans, candy thermometers, kitchen utensils, cellophane bags and ribbon.  What fun.

In committing to sell that sumptuous little treat I’ve been making for all these years, I’m noticing a segue, an opening really, into feeling that I can create other types of caramels.  I liken the commitment to selling caramels as asking for a rowboat and the Queen Elizabeth arrives.

I feel like a mad scientist.  Cooking is really a synthesis of chemistry and creativity.  When trying to create something new, the worst that can happen is the concoction fails either through an imbalance of ingredients (chemistry) or a mis-understanding of technique (creativity).  Each attempt further refines one’s ability to find the sweet spot where success lies.  If it’s a mess, analyze it, throw it away and do it again.

Current experiments center around fine bits of toffee in the creamy, chewy caramel.  I’m looking for the balance where the toffee can be noticed and tasted on its own, while adding flavor and depth to the overall product.

The experiment continues.

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