The Essence of Friendship: Jean-Robert’s Table

I’ll say it again.  Cincinnati’s culinary heritage, significant as it is, is enriched by Jean-Robert’s Table.

Food is a pure pleasure of life, one of the very few true pleasures.  I say that often, as well.  How fortunate we are to be able to discern and appreciate the highest quality food offered with expert skill and elegant presentation.

So, where else to dine with five of my very, very favorite friends?  These are the meals that make holiday season memories rich.  We mark date and time, and we remind each other and ourselves of what we already know… that we have wonderful families, great kids, great friends, and many opportunities to celebrate and to serve others.  We even bring forth the essence of friends who have geographical distance, but who are with us nonetheless.  (Portland, Silver Spring, Atlanta, and, yes, Cincinnati, I’m including you…)  It is in the context of this celebration of life that we six gathered at Jean-Robert’s Table last night.

I’ll just say it: I’m a sucker for a plate of beautifully prepared sea scallops, particularly if I’m contemplating the dish over a great glass of white Bordeaux.  If I prepare them myself or if I’m 100% confident that a restaurant will do a better job than I can do, I’m in. 

On The Table’s menu are Sea Scallops with Lobster Anise Cream, Nicoise Risotto, Oyster Mushrooms (you can bet they came from Sheltowee), Crispy Spinach and Cauliflower Puree.  Half of us ordered the dish.  Who can describe a dish this rich and, yet, this simple?

Nothing to do but enjoy.

Oh, by the way, do not miss the desserts.

Notice the happy guests.

Thanks, Chef.

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One Response to The Essence of Friendship: Jean-Robert’s Table

  1. Tachete says:

    Wonderful post beautifully documented! Another great evening shared with friends…we continue to create traditions…

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