Ringing in the New Year: North Pond

As I was researching New Years Eve celebrations, I was reminded that a sure sign of a truly great farm-to-table restaurant is its willingness to showcase the farmers who provide the raw ingredients for its dishes.

At the very top of this short (but growing) list is North Pond in Lincoln Park, Chicago, just north of the Lincoln Park Zoo property on the pond.

I won’t be spending New Years Eve at North Pond this year, but just skimming over the 7-course tasting menu for $120 rekindled memories of a North Pond lunch past.  I can honestly say it was one of the very best meals I’ve ever had… food, service, ambiance.  (Optional NYE wine pairing, an additional $60.)

Although the entire experience was memorable, one memory did stand out.

Oh by the way, North Pond has the best cup of restaurant coffee ever, bar none (Intelligentsia).

North Pond, 2610 N Cannon Dr, Chicago, IL 60614, 773.477.5845

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