Who are Your Consultants?

A dear friend and I were talking about having a circle of ‘consultants’ in our lives.  I began reflecting on how relationships of every variety really are the web of life, and how often we may miss their significance.

So, who is this web?  Who are those people who help transform our lives so that we might assist in the transformation of others?

For myself, I have two current and several previous spiritual mentors, a business coach, and a broker who is my advocate.  I have clients who are absolute advocates… people who trust my representation of their interests and who are clear that their interests always come before my own.  I have an accountant whose support for my financial well-being causes him to direct me each year.  I have an attorney, also a dear friend, whose candid counsel I trust in every situation.  I have two medical professionals, traditional and alternative specialists, who are orchestrators of proactive medical care.

I have cooking instructors, consummate professionals in their field, whose lives are dedicated not to me, but to the beauty and creativity of food.  I benefit from their love of cooking in service to others.

I have had numerous writing mentors… actual instructors, peers, professional writer-friends, blog instructors and other authors… people who support my talent, guide my creative instinct and rattle my cage when I need editing.

My least obvious, and yet most remarkable, consultants were actually my parents, now deceased, and my friends of 40+ years whose candor and simple dedication have no equal.  They inspire me to search for a life of high potential, respecting and honoring their lives and the lives of others as equally valuable, as do friends, in-town and out-of-town, who have been brought into my life more recently as (not so little) gifts.

As we transition into another new year, I cannot help but be reminded of how the quality of my life is so dependent upon and is such a result of the finely engineered guidance of those who are my consultants.  My life is really a refinement of their influences and, perhaps, theirs in some small way a refinement of mine.

Whose consultant are you, and how will your life benefit them in 2012?

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