What’s in Your 2012 Rainbow?

A rainbow, in metaphor, is a bridge that can span two weather systems, two days, two years.

A new year, although simply the next day, feels like a fresh start, a time clear the cobwebs, to simplify, to further distill our life plans.  Somehow, there’s new opportunity in Jan 1.

I have happy anticipation about broadening our awareness of where and how high-quality food is grown, and brought from farm to market to table.  Here’s a small taste of what’s in The Essential Garden pipeline.

We’ll be attending classes on:

  • How to create and maintain community gardens
  • How to use whole grains with fresh farm ingredients
  • Mushroom foraging

We’ll be visiting:

  • A southern Indiana family farm that produces world-class goat cheese
  • A fabulous Cincinnati bread company whose products are absolutely irresistible
  • A paddlefish farm where the best local restaurant caviar is harvested

We’ll be attending:

  • New farm-to-table food and wine events in other cities and states
  • Farm-to-table restaurants wherever the food leads us

Several other ideas are percolating!  Who knows… we may even drive changes in the local food system.

So, if yesterday’s rainbow has already come and gone, what’s on today’s side of the rainbow for you?

Happy 2012.

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