Food as Medicine for Weight Loss

True to form, Portland Monthly magazine’s Eat Beat column showcases culinary explorers who view the food world through a unique lens.

While cooking a four-course meal, The Open Kitchen owner Daniel Miller and Abby’s Table chef-owner Abby Fammartino, bring doctors in to share tips for healthy eating.  Eat your way to great health.  I like it.

“November[‘s theme] was cold and flu prevention, January’s is weight loss through delicious foods, and February will focus on heart-healthy nosh”, Eat Beat reports.  Participating experts are naturopathic physicians, Chinese medicinal doctors, and Northwest nutritionists.  Although not specifically referenced in the article, the Indian holistic practice of Ayurveda has, for thousands of years, included specific foods that enhance immune system performance and soothe, manage or balance many physical issues.

The Jan dinner focuses on “food as medicine for weight loss.”  Don’t you just love that?  “Dr. Alexis Shields from the Montavilla Wellness Center will point out the key ingredients in each course and explain their benefits, and guests will have a hands-on role in the dinner to make sure the knowledge sticks. The January dinner menu is set to feature lemon lentil cakes, “Caesar” salad with arugula, fennel and radishes, venison ragout with mustard greens and sun-dried tomatoes, and hazelnut-lavender coconut truffles.”

There are many ways to think about food:  simple sustenance, recreation, a feature of celebration, etc.  This is a more nuanced example of seeing food as a literal complement, an item of healing really, to the human immune system.  So, as we have begun to recognize the negative affects of food processing (nutritionally void, calorie-dense, allergen triggers), we, too, can recognize how simple, organic ingredients actually support excellent health.

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