Salmon Burger: Great Taste; Great Value?

To supplement the fresh fish in my frig and having no time to go downtown, I cruised the fish counter at Whole Foods.  Although I did buy halibut and scallops, the salmon burgers caught my attention.

I wondered:

  1. Whether I’d be really happy with the salmon burger’s flavor when cooked and,
  2. If I were satisfied with the result, whether I could make the same or better product at home.  The answer here needs, also, to include cost of ingredients.

The ingredients in the salmon burger were pretty simple:  Atlantic salmon, fresh parsely, red onion, fresh lemon juice, dried thyme, salt, pepper.  Fair enough.

While the salmon burger sauteed in olive oil, I stirred together 1 large Tbsp of creme fraiche (it’s in the frig), 1/4 lemon, juiced, and a bit of dried dill (from the garden).

The flavor of the ingredients supported the salmon.  Slightly underdone, it was tender and flavorful.

A side of Atlantic salmon at Whole Foods is $13.99/pound, which is the best price I can attain from this market.  The salmon burgers are priced at $8.99/pound, which includes the minor additions (onions, herbs) used to flavor the burger.

Undoubtedly, a side of salmon, cut into fillets, would create more meals; however, it would seem an easy deducement that the prepared salmon burgers are a better value.

I’ll admit they were delicious.

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