Chilly Markets Offer Unknown Treasures

Organic produce isn’t only available in the city markets, you know.  Even in the winter, one can find hearty producers braving sub-zero temps to coddle and cajole their beautiful greens to the market.

It was a quick swing through the West Chester farmers market yesterday that allowed me to snag some of the most wonderful Swiss chard I’ve had all season.  Only six vendors were there, some offering handmade cheeses, others offering grass-fed beef and organic chicken.

Stephen Dienger, of Dienger Gardens at Double J Farm, was one such brave soul.  I purchased both chard and baby lettuces, both of which I ate raw today in a salad topped with a few grindings of an aged white cheddar, lots of fresh lime juice and a drizzle of – you knew it was coming – white truffle oil.

Instinct tells me there’s an evolution in Stephen’s story, so I’ll be doing a separate post on how his farming operation came into being.  Suffice to say that the flavor, texture and taste of the raw chard couldn’t have been more delectable.

What great produce can you find in Jan?

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One Response to Chilly Markets Offer Unknown Treasures

  1. Sue Dolan says:

    I found some excellent rainbow swiss chard at Kroger over the New Year’s weekend. Was fabulous!

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