Chefs’ and Writers’ Secret of Living Mindfully

Frank Bruni wrote an op-ed piece published in this morning’s New York Times that discloses a well-known food industry secret about the behind-the-scenes way top chefs and food writers manage their physical health while doing what they do best: cooking and writing.

The article is long; however, it’s well worth reading.  One important distinction which flew off the page at me was how chefs, particularly celebrity-type chefs, use a skill akin to dissection when actually eating off-camera.  Ditto for food writers and critics who, of necessity, make daily visits to restaurants to sample and write.  Bruni: “You show me a truly skinny food editor or writer who frequents serious restaurants and — in two out of three cases — I’ll show you someone expert at a brand of knife work that yields infinitesimal bites and an illusion of gluttony where mere grazing occurred. They should be surgeons, these people.”

Other chef and food writer habits are disclosed… things we suspected but could never verify… like weekly diets of roast chicken and greens, and exercise programs ranging from fitness training to yoga to long-distance running.

There’s a sweet spot that lies between indulgence and deprivation, and it is neither.  It’s called living mindfully.

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