A Quiet Revolution in Locally-Sourced Food: Pick-A-Pepper

I’ve been asked to be a guest columnist on a super-cool food blog site: Pick-A-Pepper.

The Pick-A-Pepper concept “connects local farmers, gardeners and food artisans with local consumers, restaurants and institutions.   …Pick-A-Pepper allows users to easily purchase seasonal, local goods in small or large quantities at fair prices.”

Producers: whether you have a small garden, you produce an artisan-type product or you have a large farming operation, Pick-A-Pepper welcomes you to offer your product to your local market.

Consumers, great and small: what a fabulous opportunity to find locally-grown, seasonal food product at fair prices with a simple search!

As a blogger, my opportunity is to help connect and promote both sides of this equation.  It happens to be one of my passions.  I’ll continue to promote the best of what’s being grown and brought to market in our region.  Pick-A-Pepper will create awareness of the best in any region.

The simple shift into buying and cooking locally occurs one decision at a time.  My decision was to register for Pick-A-Pepper!

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