Walking the Talk through Coal Dust

I could (and still might) post a picture of the test kitchen’s resultant effort to create Chocolate-Flavored Caramel Bonbons.  I liken the result to a shiny, sophisticated version of anthracite coal.

No cooking effort is without merit.  I’m certain the molten sugar portion of the recipe escalated too quickly.  I was unsure whether I was on the inside edge of a not-yet-burnt caramel, or whether I’d fallen into the abyss.  Apparently, the latter was true.

As I’ve said before, cooking is chemistry and creativity.  When dealing with molten sugar, however, creativity gets lost in the (necessary) dust of chemistry.  Measured quantities, exacting temperatures and consistent technique are the only things that count.

So, cook, test, learn.  Tomorrow’s another day.

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