A Step Toward Honesty in Food

Less is more. 

In this case, the less I say, the more insight you can acquire into a fundamental shift by a major food producer in favor of the care of animals in the food chain. 

In a recent Washington Post Lifestyle blog post, food service giant Bon Appetit Management Co announced that it will:

  • Source all its pork only from producers who do not use gestation crate systems;
  • Purchase liquid eggs only from producers that don’t confine their hens to battery cages.

Bon Appetit operates 400 cafes in 31 states.  Cafes areoperated at American University, Gallaudet University and Georgetown Law.

It would be motivation enough to recognize that a meal producer of Bon Appetit’s size has shifted into a commitment to support healthy, dignified living conditions for animals.

“Bon Appetit’s goal, the founder said, is not just to source meat, poultry and eggs from producers who adopt certain practices. It’s to purchase meat, poultry and eggs from producers whose entire agricultural systems have been inspected and approved by one of four animal welfare programs: Animal Welfare Approved, Food Alliance, Humane Farm Animal Care or Global Animal Partnership.  The company hopes that at least 25 percent of its suppliers will be certified by 2015.”

I am an advocate of family farming, of organic and sustainable growing practices, and of humane treatment for animals.  A commitment in the direction of these practices by a food producer of the size of Bon Appetit Management Co is a step toward honesty in food production.

Please read the post.

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