The Incredible Edible Egg

“If you can imagine eggs in slightly-out-of-the-ordinary dishes — salad, pasta, grits — you can begin to imagine a world of inexpensive, blazingly fast recipes.”

This is Mark Bittman’s statement in a recent New York Times post that aligns with my simplistic worldview of food.  One simply starts with the single preparation of an egg, a great source protein, and builds a beautiful dish by what he calls “The Base, The Egg, The Finish.”

Mark has a great set of graphics in the post that demonstrate just how easy the construction of a great dish is.

I talk a lot about using organic farm eggs in dishes for anytime of the day.  The most recent quick egg dinner I assembled utilized another of Kroeger Brothers sausage, this one chicken shiitake.  Subtle, immensely flavorful, and a great ground for the other ingredients in the dish.  The egg adds a satisfying richness.

Check it out.

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