Art and Food as Inspiration

Inspiration.  Occasionally, I have to look for it in the course of day, although it’s always present.  Other days, it finds me.  So it is this weekend.

The inspirational foundation for the day was water lilies.  Monet’s Water Lilies.  And poplars.  And foot bridges.  About a dozen seminal Monet paintings are on display at the Cincinnati Art Museum, and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit.  So, many of the iconic paintings that are widely known in print media were there to be seen in person.  With Monet’s history in Giverny.

Taking inspiration from another medium and translating it to my passion, food, feels natural.  The appearance of mist arising from lily pads in Monet’s paintings resonates with the early morning dew in a newly tilled garden.  Creativity is fundamental in our lives.  It’s everywhere we are.

What else inspired me this weekend?  Pablo Picasso.

How so?

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