James Bond Preferred Chocolate Brown Eggs

You already know I’m an egg advocate.  Now I have Ian Fleming’s James Bond on my side.

Check out Julia Moskin’s “Straight from the Home Coop” article in the New York Times as yet another example of the trend of home cooping.  Here’s a snapshot: “Keeping chickens is legal in many cities and has taken off as part of the urban farming movement. JustFood, a nonprofit group that encourages sustainable and local agriculture, has an educational program called City Chicken, which teaches the basics to New Yorkers: since 2007, the classes have routinely filled up and the schedule is constantly expanding.”

I am not only encouraged about the urban pioneer spirit inherent in raising chickens, I admit to finding humor in it.  The author says, “At this time of year, the difficulty becomes not so much keeping the hens, but keeping up with them” even though eggs are a key part of many ancient religious and seasonal celebrations, and recipes are limitless.

The article is a great read.  If you decide to keep chickens, you’ll need super-creative ideas about how to use those beautiful eggs that can number in the multi-dozens per week.  (“They [chickens] are like pets who happen to bring us breakfast.”)

One more reminder of quality.  Julia Moskin: “Although organic and free-range eggs are now widely available, they do not always taste different from the standard commercial product; home-raised eggs have noticeably better flavor and texture. The yolks of eggs from well-fed, well-exercised hens are as orange-yellow as a New York taxi. They have what [is called] “muscle tone”: thick walls and a rich, intense taste.

“The whites are never runny, and they stand up immediately when you whip them.  Even plain scrambled eggs are different: they have a sweetness, a freshness and a richness to them.”

It’s one more great excuse to move meat off the plate.

James Bond confirms it.

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