Simplicity in Sheep’s Clothing

Hidden under the cloak of haute cuisine is a ringer, a simple, elegant ringer.  Brioche.  Yes, brioche.

Brioche, a rich, yet delicate, bread of luxurious structure and crumb, is so because of a high percentage of butter and eggs.  Brioche can masquerade equally as a pastry or dessert, so versatile is it as a vehicle for chocolate, fruit, sweet fillings or savory toppings.

Simple, but attentive steps are the only requirements for successful preparation.  Proofing the yeast, using a heavy-duty mixer and (of course) high-quality ingredients, plus allowing for the recommended times to raise.  That’s it.

So, the purpose of this post is not to walk you through the process.  It’s easy to locate a brioche recipe that anyone can handle.  (The recipe I used is in Julia Child’s The Way to Cook.)  The purpose of the post is to consider simple elegance, and to believe you can create it.

I chose to make a codfish mousse, the deliciousness of which cannot possibly be described, to serve on sliced brioche.  Should you have the courage to serve brioche as toast or, better yet, French toast, your family will nominate you for an award.

Simple elegance.  Go for it.

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