Yes, Williams-Sonoma is Sellling Chicken Coops

It was only a matter of time.  You knew it was coming.  Williams-Sonoma is now selling chicken coops and edible gardens.  Let no food trend go unanswered by the retail world.

The article on says Williams-Sonoma’s decision is in response to the increasing national interest in growing one’s own food.  “Interest in being able to grow and process one’s own food is growing exponentially as our society becomes more educated of the environmental and social problems caused by industrial agriculture.”

Naturally, those of us who already shop Williams Sonoma have the ability to make great food choices, including growing some portion of their family’s food themselves.  Promotion of the opportunity to think about growing one’s own food is beneficial for any demographic.  “Wendy Levitz, the director of gardens for Slow Food Miami, agrees that the line expands interest in local food and edible home gardening. “I think that online sales can supplement local products and make hard-to-find items more accessible.” But she also expresses some environmental concerns. “While there may be a carbon footprint from long-distance shipping, home gardening is a plus for the environment in the long run

Mass promotion of the idea of growing one’s own food is beneficial; however, it need not be expensive or challenging to create.  On the contrary, the process is simple, and requires very little planning or financial investment.

All we need to do is start.  The reward of the effort is immediate and ongoing.

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