In My Kitchen: Bits of Bliss

Bits of bliss, paid forward.

There are always treasures in the refrigerator.  Living simply is simply recognizing that those great quality ingredients you already have can be enlisted to create a meal with a moment’s notice.

  • Penne pasta, cooked white beans (cannellini, great northern), sautéed spinach or chopped escarole, toasted bread crumbs
  • Rough-chopped cooked veggies, white beans, Panko bread crumbs… veggie burgers!
  • Rice, brown or white, roasted chicken, cooked lentils
  • Arborio rice, chicken stock, wild or dried mushrooms or fresh peas: risotto!
  • Chicken, white rice, chicken broth/stock, lemon juice: middle-eastern soup
  • Asparagus, King salmon, Romaine

Each of these examples is a palette of ingredients for simple seasoning of your choice (a blend of spices or a quick marinade) that can transform leftover ingredients into a snappy, sophisticated meal (lunch or dinner for 1 or 2).

Experiment with flavor through the use of a variety of textures, herbs and spices.  It’s another way to eat very, very well, sans advance planning.

Pay it forward.

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