Great Ingredients = Great Results

A goulish shopping list in hand today, I’m off for Findlay Market.  Fish heads and skeletons, chicken necks and backs.  Glorious.

Great ingredients = great stock, and the most intensely flavored stock is the product of the essential parts of the fish or chicken.  So shrimp shells go in the freezer as I peel and use them.  Any fish or crustacean I bone is saved for the future pot of stock.  Then, periodically, I ask the fishmonger/chicken purveyor to save bones for me to round the stock out.  Near-zero cost; great value.

Speaking of great ingredients, Melissa Clark of the New York Times posted a video on how to make ricotta cheese at home.  I have an idea for a simple, vegetable-focused meal using a dough I made previously and froze for just such a weekend occasion.  So, I’ll be on the lookout at market for vegetables that will complement the homemade ricotta.

Make Ricotta Cheese at Home, New York Times

Let’s see how the trip develops.

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