Let’s Talk Fish Heads

Weaving the thread of my previous post.

Aside from the super-high quality of organic ingredients available at market, I love the way market vendors cast out and reel me in with their service.  This afternoon was a great example.  The guys at Luken’s Poultry, Fish & Seafood had agreed to save fish heads for me as they filleted fish throughout the day on their busy Sat.  So when I called mid-afternoon, they said “come ahead.”  As I made eye contact with one of the vendors, she said “Are you Linda?  You’ve been the talk of the stand today.”  Really, how so?

Each time a fish was filleted, one of the guys would say, “Save that head for Linda.”  And “Toss that head in the bag for Linda.”  They had accumulated a tad less than six pounds of heads for me, for which I paid about a buck.  [I did end up spending another $30 on cod fillets and shrimp.  They iced the shrimp before bagging it.  Giving is reciprocal.]

Vendors whose livelihood is direct to the customer exercise care in that relationship, unlike a grocery store shopping experience.  Simple, extra steps that imply mutual support.

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