Promise Me You’ll Never Buy Commercial Ricotta Again

So simple was my first attempt at making ricotta that I began to think I was missing a step, or that my effort or technique was insufficient.  It was truly the ‘watched-pot’ syndrome.  The recipe turns out exactly as demonstrated in the video.  Tender, supple, lusciously flavored.  Sometimes, even I need the reminder-nudge that simplicity is just that, simple.

I watched the New York Times video I mentioned in yesterday’s post a few times, then jumped in.  It couldn’t have been easier.

Discs of previously made pastry are in the freezer.  I thawed one and rolled it into a tart pan.  I found zucchini, sweet onions and red bell peppers at market.  Added thinly sliced golden potatoes, seasoned it with herbed salt and olive oil, and baked it at 425 for 35 minutes.  I allowed it to cool slightly, then topped it with my new love, fresh ricotta, and Locatelli Romano cheese.

One could easily drizzle a fresh pesto (using raw spinach, escarole, kale or the traditional basil), or rosemary or oregano over the tart as optional seasoning.

Fresh, easy, nouveau.

Promise me.

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2 Responses to Promise Me You’ll Never Buy Commercial Ricotta Again

  1. Ace says:

    Sounds delicious and I promise!

  2. Cath says:

    Hi, before I promise you that I won’t buy ( I never even bought one yet) commercial ricotta, may I ask, the pastry you used is that a basic pastry used for pies/tarts?

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