The Element of Surprise

There are many experiences that draw me to farmers’ markets.  Meeting food producers, family farmers and food artisans who love to talk about their products is a primary benefit.  Another is the element of surprise.  Both were present last week.

My target purchases last Sat were Kroeger Bros chicken sausages, dark greens, and flowers for the house.  The chicken basil, chicken shitake and chicken andouille sausages called to me, and the arugula and kale were just beautiful.  The market was overflowing with dahlia, rudbeckia and coneflowers, any and all of which would be a great fit on my sunny, new porch.

As I walked to my car, an organic grower’s pickling cucumbers caught my eye.  A tool in any family farmer’s skill set is salesmanship, and the farmer casted out and reeled me in.  “Chemical-free” he said, verifying what I already suspected.  A whole six-pound box?  OK, sure.

So, five days later I have intensely crunchy, sweet, spicy (can I say, no-cook) pickles awaiting new homes.  Beautiful product; delectable result.

The element of surprise is definitely my favorite part of market shopping.

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