Cincinnati is Teaching Chicago about Food Trucks?

The Cincinnati-Chicago connection.  It exists on many levels.  Who knew one of them was food trucks?

In its history, Cincinnati was the pork and beef processing mecca, formerly (and formally) known as Porkopolis.  Now, we look to Chicago for the highest quality prime aged beef.

Chicago and Cincinnati are both Midwestern gems, each in its own way.  To be completely honest, Cincinnati was a gourmand’s paradise for most of its history, and now Chicago’s restaurant scene equals any great American city’s.  Cincinnati, not so much, with certain fabulous exceptions.

Looks like the accreditations are going in one direction, aren’t they?  Here’s what I love about this whole discussion.  Rachel Loftspring, the blogger voice of ChicagoNow, posted yesterday about Cincinnati’s food trucks as having something to teach Chicago. Cincinnati’s food trucks?

My standard for food trucks (and leading-edge food), as those who know me know, is Portland’s truck scene.  I won’t even go there, because that conversation has no braking system.

Nonetheless, Rachel had a great food truck experience with Jason Perkins’ food truck, Eat!, apparently prowling Cincinnati streets since Feb.  Thanks for the reco!

Here’s a cool twist.  In only ten days, the Veggie U Food and Wine Celebration in Milan, OH will, among other world class chefs and events, feature two food trucks!

Here’s how Veggie U describes the trucks: “Chef Rocco Whalen, restaurateur and executive chef at Fahrenheit  in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood, who was also recently showcased on Food Network’s Fat Chef series, will bring his “Short Rib 1” Fahrenheit Truck.  In addition, gourmet food-truck operator Chef Chris Hodgson, who achieved nationwide recognition when he finished second on Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race” this year, will bring the famous Hodge Podge  truck showcased on the series. Hodgson recently opened Hodge’s  in downtown Cleveland with restaurateur Scott Kuhn.”

So, Rachel, the Veggie U event is a great, great time.  It’s a four-hour drive from Cincinnati, and I’m booked again this year.  Let’s see… Google says it’s a bit over five hours from Chicago!

You know the other thing I noticed about the Cincinnati-Chicago connection?  The Megabus goes both directions.

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