Learning, Growth and Service at 60

I believe in celebrating the events of one’s life.  Today, and for the next ten years, my birthdays begin with a 6.  Thomas, my teacher, mentor and friend said, “Welcome to the 60s.”

The significance of any event… the marking of chronological age, a geographical move, a change in employment, the birth of a child, the death of a parent, only has whatever importance we attach to it.  Ever thought about it that way?  It’s true for even the smallest,  most seemingly insignificant events of our lives, as well.  How much importance am I willing to give to becoming 60?

Expectation of what is to come today, this week, next month, this decade can be so easily crafted (and limited) by the events of one’s history.  What if there were no history?  What if that were actually true?  What if what’s possible in this moment and the next has no relation to what came before it?

How do I see my role in the world?  Better yet, what does it feel like?  How do I feel when I have the opportunity to serve others?  One thing I know is that the essence of my life underlies and drives constant learning, growth and service.  How will future learning, growth and service take shape?  Have you ever thought of your life in terms of learning, growth and service?

Clearly, learning from and supporting those who grow the highest quality food, improving my culinary skill set and teaching others evoke passionate fulfillment.  In the upcoming week I’ll have plenty of that sort of opportunity as I attend a farm dinner at the Chicago Botanic Garden and the Veggie U Food and Wine Celebration in Milan, OH.  Cooks, executive chefs, farmers, artisan growers and writers doing what evokes passionate fulfillment at the very highest levels.

So, what’s the significance of 60?  Whatever I choose to give it.  I’ve noticed that women three decades older lead remarkable lives filled with learning, growth and service.  How ever it shows up, that’s what I choose.

I love being 60.

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