The Power of Love

The power of love presents itself in often unexpected ways.

This was to be a week of celebration through food.  A farm dinner at the Chicago Botanic Garden, and the annual Veggie U food and wine celebration in Milan, OH.  Details of the farm dinner, which couldn’t have been more wonderful, to follow in tomorrow’s post.

Life had other plans.  Biscuit, my 5-pound, 12-year old poodle, walked casually away from my son, KC’s, apartment late on Wed night while I was in Chicago.  She’s a bit of an explorer and very curious.  She and my other dog, Mocha, a diabetic for 7 years, had stayed with my son many times before.

Biscuit is a city girl.  What she walked into that night was farmland… acres and acres of corn and soybean fields… an environment filled with new scents, new attractions and new danger.  Coyotes, hawks, foxes, raccoons, owls… all animals of prey.  As soon as I became aware that Biscuit was missing, I cut my Chicago trip short and drove home to find her.

Biscuit is the second dog I’ve had who is connected to me very deeply.  She knows when I’m coming home long before she has signals of my arrival.  She knows what I think just before I think it.  It’s really quite remarkable, and life with her is an ongoing testament to how extraordinary the human-dog connection is.

Results arise out of thought which arises out of one’s energetic presence.  Biscuit’s and my connection is very, very strong, and I knew I must do whatever it took to find her.  I printed flyers and went door to door.  Over the next 36 hours, I visited shelters, the humane society, local veterinarians.  I had signs printed and placed them over a very wide geographic area.  My singular focus was to allow whoever could help, to help Biscuit come home to me.

I had just arrived home at 10:45 pm at the end of day 2 when a neighbor in the area of Biscuit’s disappearance called to say her large chocolate lab heard something outside their front door.  That something was Biscuit.  The family called me, and talked to her until KC’s dad could run over to bring her home.

During the search, another neighbor, whose effort to take Biscuit in wasn’t successful, said she had been hit by a car.  Here she was another day later, hungry and traumatized, deeply bruised with contusions, but allowing the family whose porch she was on to talk to her.

My vet said her platelets and red blood cell count were normal.  So, apparently no internal bleeding, broken bones or organ damage.  She’s now micro-chipped.  She howled when I pulled into the garage at home that night, she was so happy to recognize her own surroundings.

The anticipated week of celebration through food turned an unexpected corner.  I remained at home this weekend instead of attending the Veggie U event to celebrate a family member having returned home.  I consider the money I paid for the event a very worthy donation.

Where there is love, anything is possible.

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2 Responses to The Power of Love

  1. Barbara says:

    Awww…love comes in all forms….so happy Biscuit made it back home where she belongs.

  2. Tachete says:

    “Bisquick” looks charming as always and so happy to return to your loving arms and her comfy home. Good, good news!

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