What is the Authenticity of Food?

Living a life of authenticity unveils unique opportunities to examine one’s dedication to the principle.  I’ve noticed that those who face every facet of their lives and don’t avoid those facets… in other words, they live authentically… naturally attract the interest and support of others who wish to align with that authenticity.

So, as one is at first honestly conversant on a particular subject, then more keenly examines the subject in-depth, then becomes a devotee, then expert, a following of others who inwardly revere that honesty occurs.

I am no exception.  In fact, I find myself constantly in search of those who live authentic lives as their lives enrich mine.  Living authentically in a 24-hour news cycle world requires a diligent awareness and discernment of what is valuable in our lives, and ignoring that which is not.  Living authentically also requires practice.  Daily practice.

The love of food as more than mere sustenance spans every reach of history and time.  Previously, I’ve said that food is a vehicle of communion between friends, a symbol at rites of passage, and, let’s tell the truth, the single most important gift we can give to ourselves and to those we love, yes?

So, let’s talk authentically about food.  Let’s re-examine our pre-conceived notions about the quality, the availability, the utility and the importance of food.  Perhaps we can even uncover a new notion of how we can improve one another’s lives through food.

Let’s talk authentically about food, shall we?

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