Gardening and Business as a Shared Analolgy

One measure of wisdom is knowing when to simply be quiet and allow how another’s words speak to a shift we can all benefit from.

A client and friend (thank you, Mackey) responded to an Apr 2012 blog post entitled “Business Lessons from a Quiet Gardener” by William Rosenzweig on, where the author uses the life of the garden as a metaphor for “encouraging responsible growth in business.”

The author asks for reflective input from readers about how garden metaphors relate to business growth or organization.  Very succinctly, “A gardener sees the world as a system of interdependent parts – where healthy, sustaining relationships are essential to the vitality of the whole.”  Can the exact same metaphor not also apply to all our relationships with one other and with all the systems of the natural world?  When one makes an internal commitment to honor all facets of his or her world, can there really be a distinction?

The post is a beautiful synthesis of how we might see ourselves in relation to the Earth’s systems and to each other.  It is so in work, in play and in love.

Do you see, or better yet, feel an aliveness in the questions the author asks?

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