Practice Makes Perfect

Another testament to the fabulous egg.  So says José Andrés, the well-known Spanish chef.

The New York Times says Andrés is the new dean of Spanish Studies at the International Culinary Center in Manhattan.  The ICC is where I received food blog training, and is renowned for professional chefs as guest instructors, adjuncts and as staff.

José Andrés “held forth on the essential Spanishness of the fried egg.  My whole life, I have been trying to cook an egg in the right way,” he said. “It is the humbleness of the dish. Why do you need to do anything more complex?

“An egg swimming in a hot oil bath achieves a higher level of browning around the entire surface of the white,” said Mr. Andrés, “which imparts a distinctive, much more flavorful taste, given the level of caramelization of the proteins and sugars. The entire egg achieves a perfect crust.”

Simple technique; elegant, earthy results.  Notice the roasted garlic as an accompaniment.

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