Excellence Can Be Messy

Life requires courage.  Courage can be summoned in any moment.  I find that employing courage to release myself from an illusory standard of perfection is very freeing.  I also find that I have a lot to practice with.  Integrity aligns with excellence and freedom.  Excellence, not perfection.

That’s the high road, and it applies in all situations, even the mundane ones.  Especially the mundane ones because those are the traps that jump up to grab me.

The Essential Caramel kitchen is a real mess.  It’s a mess full of love.  When I’m not making caramels, I notice that I walk past the kitchen mess and recognize it as latent creativity just awaiting my return.  The palette awaiting the brush, so to speak.

I do not cook in a linear fashion, nor will I ever.  While I love the beauty of order and method and it certainly has value in cooking, using every pot and utensil I can find is the inevitable consequence of the creative process for me.

There are many ways to arrive at excellence.  Mine is a bit messy.


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